Career And Lifestyle I Dreamt Of

I decided to see Sara when I knew there were forthcoming redundancies at work coupled with the fact that I was no longer enjoying my job.
With Sara as my guide I firstly got to know myself – what are my values, interests, passions, favourite skills and so on. This section was really thorough and the exercises we undertook brought about a really clear understanding of myself. This then enabled me to dream what a day would look like in my ideal working life. Wow – could I really make this happen? Yes I could! With Sara’s continued support I am now in the process of changing career to suit me and the lifestyle I dreamt of.
RG – Senior Customer Operations Manager

Inspired And Energised

As a coach myself, I have very high standards for my personal coaching. Sara never lets me down. Even on occasions where I’m not particularly in the mood for our call, I always leave the session inspired and energised. Sara is rigorous and never lets me get away with whining or excuses, always holding my goals and values in sight, but does so in a way that is never judgemental. I’ve made a lot of personal progress since working with Sara, both in terms of practical goals and in my personal growth. And had a lot of fun along the way!
SC – Coach and Trainer

I Can’t Stop Smiling

Sara has taught me to really focus in on the things that are important to me in life and ensure that I don’t get distracted from pursuing my life time goals. I recognise the appearance of the inner gremlins very quickly and can now stop the self doubt that could have undermined my dreams. Sara has given me a belief and confidence in myself that is now allowing me to pursue my ambition of being a full time glass artist. I feel like a totally new person and can’t stop smiling.
GT – Business owner and glass artist

Turning Point

Sara coached me at a turning point in my life when I was considering my future career with a possible radical change. The career coaching Sara did with me was extremely helpful in in reaching a conclusion and the decision I made was unexpected!! I feel I know and understand myself a little better generally as a result. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sara as an excellent career coach.
BD – Business Analyst

Change In The Way I View All Aspects Of My Life

When I started career coaching with Sara I was under a great deal of stress at work and it had got to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night and was finding it difficult to concentrate. I was caught in a downward spiral and really needed some help to get my life back on track.
Sara is a very easy person to talk to and more importantly an excellent listener. She is very knowledgeable and uses a wide variety of techniques to help you understand yourself better and find ways to deal with any issues you have.
The way I feel now is almost unrecognisable to when I started. Even though my working environment has changed very little, with Sara’s help I have the knowledge and techniques to enable me to deal with things so much better.
Having started coaching to help me through a stressful time at work the lessons I have learnt about myself have drastically changed the way I view and approach all aspects of my life.
ST – IT Professional

Successful Promotion

I am really pleased that I made the decision to undergo Career Coaching and have seen a huge difference in my overall confidence, fulfillment and happiness on a work and a personal level since I began my coaching journey. I found Sara to be very engaging from the outset and her support and the trust I felt in her from very early on gave me the confidence to tackle some of the issues that I have always felt have held me back, not only in building my career, but also in my home life.
I genuinely look forward to my coaching sessions and have enjoyed putting into practice the various strategies that Sara has taken me through. I feel I have an ever expanding toolkit that I can use to improve my effectiveness, my ability to cope with more difficult situations and my relationships with family and colleagues. I just hadn’t realised the power of coaching and all credit to Sara, she has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me including promotion – I truly believe I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for this in the way I did if I hadn’t been through coaching.
My advice if you are thinking about trying it would be to give it a go – it certainly works for me!
JF – Practice Manager

Improved Self-awareness

Sara is an outstanding career coach. She has adopted a wide range of techniques to dramatically improve my self awareness. She has laser insight and perception. She is both sensitive and challenging. I trust her completely and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to others.
DN – Programme Manager- Financial Services

Journey Of Self Improvement

Over the past six months I have had the great pleasure to be coached by Sara. In simple terms Sara is an outstanding coach who I have great confidence and trust in. From our very first session, Sara has taken me through a journey of self improvement via a variety of methods and thought process techniques which have significantly improved the clarity of my thinking and given me clear insight and understanding of my core values. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommend Sara to anyone who wishes to improve themselves through focused, comprehensive and supportive career coaching.
MH -Senior Project Manager

Understanding How To Be Successful

I started the career coaching process with a few objectives and as Sara and I progressed I began to understand why I hadn’t been producing the results I wanted. It’s as though as I started to construct my plans it revealed my problem areas that were preventing me from achieving these. The thing that really struck me however was as Sara and I worked on these areas I received an even deeper understanding of my behaviour and found the real drivers behind my lack of progress. Dealing with these has helped me enormously and its really been a journey of understanding.
If anyone is considering career coaching, but is unsure I would urge them to keep an open mind and give it a try.
RW – Project Manager

Empowered, Fulfilled And Full Of Energy

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Sara for how she has helped me to develop myself and my understanding of myself. I have been amazed at how much more I’ve been able to achieve in all aspects of life since taking on career coaching. The best bit is that not only has Sara helped me to realise my aims, but also to do so in a way that leaves me feeling fulfilled, empowered and full of energy.
DF – Project Manager