About Sara

My clients say, ‘ I build trust quickly, I am approachable, intuitive, sensitive and friendly and I am dedicated to supporting them achieve’. It’s always important to have a bit of fun too!

I have a great passion for people and feel honoured I am in a position to help my clients create change and move to a more fulfilled place in their career. I support my clients in a safe environment and help them develop a sense of control and choice.

Background – Was I Always A Career Coach?

Well the short answer is.. ‘No’..

I worked in projects for 17 years and experienced the daily challenges of leading teams in a fast changing environment. I built a career as a project manager where each day was different, however I had a nagging feeling that there was something more..but then how could there be? May be I was having a bad day/week/month..…so I let that nagging feeling sit and didn’t do anything about it..

I was then introduced to coaching as part of a leadership programme and was really struck by the power coaching had. Something was awoken within me and I felt excited, thrilled and curious about this thing called coaching. I researched it, talked to professional coaches and the butterflies grew…wow I’d love to do this, living my values, supporting people and nurturing them in professional growth, it was time to address that nagging feeling!!

So I started my coaching journey and studied hard for my accreditation whilst coaching and Project Managing – a pretty hectic time!! I couldn’t stop talking about it, there was such resonance, spreading my enthusiasm for this new found passion. The wheels were in motion and before I knew it I had moved into a full time coaching role.

Now reading this back, I’ve made it sound easy.  The truth is, it wasn’t. Firstly it took me a while to get into action and when striving for your dreams you always hit boulders in the road.  The art is in bouncing back, brushing yourself down and picturing what it will be like when you achieve your aspirations. There was so much self-doubt.  Was I throwing away an already established career? What if I failed? What if I was really bad at it?! How do I deal with rejection? This is when I got my own career coach who helped me control my doubts, stay in action and move forward.  The more I did the more my confidence and resilience grew.

So here I am – Sara Harrison- Professional Career Coach.

Every day is certainly different, but my career is now focused around people.  It’s incredibly rewarding.

I get my biggest inspiration from my clients, they show such power, strength and courage in firstly coming to coaching and also in the subsequent strides they then take to be fulfilled professionally.

It’s not always about dramatic change; sometimes a subtle shift can make the world of difference to your career.

My own personal career journey really enhances my ability to empathise with you and we work in partnership to achieve your aspirations together.

I coach clients face to face in West Yorkshire and nationally by phone or skype.