Dream Job – What’s Yours?

Dream Job or Pipe Dream?

How to find my dream job is on the agenda for many clients I work with. They yearn for fulfillment in their career, but are unsure of what that could like and therefore how they can get there. As we are all individuals the definition of meaningful work, fulfillment, dream job or vocation is different for everyone, but the root of what we are looking for is happiness and flow in what we spend at least a third of our lives doing.

For many clients this means being in service of others to make their lives better. It is not always about building a school in Africa, it can be any service from sales assistant to accountancy to personal trainer to research.

Due to the amount of time we are at work it is reasonable to ask how to find your dream job and build your career around it. A career that uses your personality, passions, talents and skills whilst at the same time gives something back to the people you share the world with.

My Dream Job – Where to start

The best way to start looking for your dream job is by building your self knowledge.

1.Personality type – depending on what personality type we are, certain roles will suit us more and we will therefore be more fulfilled. Do the Myers-Briggs Test

2.Talents and strengths – what are you naturally good at? – Find your strengths

3.Interests and Passions – What are you interested in and passionate about? Do you feel great when you’re doing it? Does time pass without you noticing when you do this?

4.Values – What could you not live without in your life? Who inspires you and why? Find your values

What we are looking for here is your ‘X’ the dream job  where all the above overlap.

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Dream Job – Knowledge Into Action

So you now have good self knowledge and know that X marks the spot. Follow these steps:

1. Research the career suggestions from Myers Briggs, use the web, broadsheets to explore career ideas that suit your personality and talents.

2. Try some ideas out by volunteering, shadowing someone, go part-time

3. Read about those who have made a difference in the world and delve deeper into what makes them tick. People who have made a difference. You may have to look no further than your local community.

4. Start doing something new that uses your talents, values and passions. A course, a hobby.

5. Consider the ideal organisation you would like to work for. What would its values need to be, size, culture and environment.

The more you explore and do things that suit who you truly are, the more likely you will get that strong feeling to pursue a particular career – your vocation, your dream job.






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