Career Development – who owns yours?

What is Career Development?

Career development is an intentional process of growing yourself in your career, whilst supporting the needs of the business you work development, career success, career move, career coaching, employee engagement

The process of career development is ongoing throughout your working life. It is a cycle and as you evolve you need to review the cycle again.

How to manage your Career Development

1. Self Assessment – maintain your self knowledge, what are your achievements, strengths, passions, skills? How much are you using these right now?

2. Explore options to develop – where are there gaps? where are your abilities not being challenged? research, network, consider training. Proactively look for opportunities where you work.

3. Narrow options – in your findings, which ideas integrate well? Create a vision for making them happen. Raise your hand to work that will inspire and grow you.

4. Speak to your manager – discuss how you want to grow, let them know what new skills and knowledge you have gained, so they can help you look for opportunities for you to use your new capabilities.

5. Set your goals and implement.

Who Owns Your Career Development?

Your company owns your job, but you own your career. The key is to take charge of your own career and not wait for opportunities to come your way, put yourself out there and inform key players of your capabilities.

Career development is a major factor in employee engagement. Any organisation must work to develop and nurture individuals, which requires a two-way relationship between employer and employee.

If you feel that after great effort you are not able to grow your career in your current company, but the company’s business needs are consistently being met by your dedication and hard work, then maybe it is time to consider a move…

Useful resource if career development is important to you:

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