What influences our career choice?

Hundreds of exciting career choices

During your formative years you no doubt came up with all sorts of ideas about what you wanted to be when you grew up, doctor, actress, vet, ballerina, popstar, racing driver and you then had your dreams career choice, new careercrushed by the adult world who told you what was and was not possible, and of course adults are always right!

The array of career choices that had laid before you, seemed now to be limited and less exciting.

So you grew up and left your childhood influences behind to assess what would be the right expected career choice for you. Maybe making money became a priority, or parental and career guidance steered you in a certain direction. Opportunities based on this well meant advice came your way and you thought you should take them.

After your career journey had started and following commitment and hardwork there was a promotion opportunity which you thought you should take and so your feet stood deep in the career you followed.

So what is the language you use when you talk about your career now?  Is it full of shoulds, need to, expected of me, got to, must, have to and do you envy others who are in a job you would love to do?  Clients consistently name this the ‘career treadmill’ and in this place there feels to be no choice at all.

Bring career choice back

If you feel you are on the treadmill.. go back to the child you once were..…is there a gap between what excited you then and what you must do today?

Use your childhood dream as guidance as to what makes you tick? what excited you about it? how did you feel when you thought of doing it? What was important to you about it? What values were you living?

What would it take to have that childhood excitement and thrill in your career today? I dare you to look into a different future and build a new vision of career choice.

What small step could you take to live into this vision?

The next generation……a recent government report on career guidance in schools. Let’s hope whatever is put in place it does not quosh the excitement and thrills of childhood dreams!

Government Report


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