What To Consider When Taking On a Career Coach

I invited a client to share their thoughts on their experience of coaching and give some advice on what to consider when working with a career coach.

Who am I
I’m Mike, just turned 50, an accredited IT professional. As a result of coaching I recently moved back to a role I truly enjoy which is training others to excel.

What questions would you advise others to ask of themselves before approaching a career coach? 
What is it you really think you need to address or change?
Why do you think you need a career coach and how do you think it will benefit you?

What questions would you advise others to ask a career coach before taking them on?
How can career coaching assist me in changing my life for the better?
What work do I have to undertake before, during and after each session?

What drew you to career coaching?
It was recommended to me and more importantly I realised I needed an outside impartial person to lead me through a different approach to the way I worked and a more pragmatic way of thinking

As a result of career coaching, what have you learned about yourself? 
I did not realise without the right resilience and approach to my work environment the negative impact this had on me and how it had significantly lowered my efficiency and inner self confidence / belief.

It is important to have a written down future vision of what you want to be and achieve so you have a clear picture of where you are going, what you are going to do and by when.

How has it impacted your life/career?
From where I was 12 months ago I have a far more positive attitude and outlook on life. The career coaching I have received has dramatically improved my quality of life and how I approach work.

What was particularly useful about the coaching process?
It made me first identify and recognise my true core values and secondly understand how these when correctly applied, the very positive impact they can have on you.  This recognition lead me to take charge of my own destiny and request a change of role to a position where I could live my values to my personal and professional benefit.

Anything else you would like to add?
I wish I had started having coaching months before I did, as I truly believe if I had, I would have made life changing decisions much earlier and in turn had a far happy work and home life much much sooner.  
Without coaching I know I would have ended up signed off work with stress for several months. Taking on a career coach is not a sign of failure it is a sign of personal recognition, opportunity and maturity in you to ask for help in understanding what really makes you tick.  
With the support of coaching you can really make a positive change in how you deal with life so you can wake up each day with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

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